AREAS of Focus of the Association 

Professional Development & Education
Board member Lucy Cordts featured on National AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC) Website:

“PASWHA will soon be accepting presentation submissions for its 2018-19 continuing education webinar series; please reference the following documents for prior to specific submission instructions. Presenters’ contributions are very much regarded as a vital in promoting competent social work practice.”  Lucy Cordts, LCSW

Please click on the links below for documents as examples that will be used in 2018-19
2016-2017 PASWHA Webinar Learning Objectives Guidance
PASWHA Call for Proposals 2016-2017

Typical Research/Advocacy tasks of the Association include:

  • Set agenda based on PASWHA’s strategic plan
  • Determine direction, timelines, and actions to take during the year
  • Perform research tasks that benefit the membership and potential members
  • Document the value of social work practice in all its forms
  • Use research to educate the membership
  • Develop specific training
  • Provide resources
  • Translate information in policy and action
  • Determine audience for advocacy activities
  • Develop measurement of outcomes of advocacy efforts

 Board  Chair:

Randall H. Russell, MSW
St. Petersburg, FL

Vice Chair

Joseph Wigon, LICSW
Jamaica Plains, MA


Carmen Julious, LISW-CP
Columbia, SC


Susan Tusher, LMSW
Wichita, KS

Lucy Cordts, LCSW
New Orleans, LA

Marla Corwin, LCSW, CACIII
Aurora, CO

Executive Director
Russell "Rusty" L. Bennett, LGSW, PhD
Birmingham, AL